Tuesday, October 7, 2008

POST-IT to Mr. Harper

A creative response to Harper's "ordinary people don't support the arts" agenda...

by Artspace Artist Run Centre (Peterborough, ON).

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Monday, August 4, 2008

Great Northern Arts Festival

I recently returned from visiting my dad in Inuvik for the Great Northern Arts Festival. I experienced 24-hour sunlight for the first time... and I've decided that I prefer having a regular sunset. Not that I want to experience 24 hours of darkness, either. I just realized that I need that balance between light and dark (hmm... I think that works as a metaphor for my personality traits, too).

I had a chance to screen "Coda in G Minor" and "Persephone" alongside a couple of short films that my father had created and one that they made during their film workshop last year, and I went to one of the writing workshops offered (more about that in a later post). I also finally saw "The Journals of Knud Rasmussen" and thought it was brilliant. Slow at times, but purposely slow. I think it makes the ending that much more powerful. And it ended up giving me the spark of an idea for my next feature length screenplay. (Though I must finish the second draft of the screenplay that I'm currently working on first.)

But the highlight of the festival had to be the visual art. My two favourite artists were Jennifer Walden (no website that I could find) and Gilad (Gadi) Katz. Unfortunately, the piece that I coveted by Jennifer was out of my price range and sold already anyway, but here's a photo:

The piece that was thankfully in my price range was a print by Gadi entitled "Cuts":

Call me crazy, but this print makes me think of my film "Persephone" so I just had to have it. And maybe someday I'll be able to afford one of Jennifer's paintings and hopefully, when that day comes, she'll have another one that leaps off of the wall at me the way this raven in flight did.

Another artist that caught my attention was Nicole Bauberger and her 100 dresses series. I contemplated buying some of her small paintings, but felt that it would be better to have a grouping of three rather than just a single painting for a series like this. But, again, most of the paintings that I was drawn to were already sold. I did ask her if she had thought about publishing a book of her 100 dresses series (of which she's done eight series so far and is scheduled to do two or three more, so that will be over 1000 dress paintings in all!). I hope she actually considers the book idea because I, for one, would love to buy it (or, better yet, work on designing it!). She hasn't posted the Inuvik 100 Dresses on her site yet, but here are a couple of examples of paintings from previous 100 dresses projects:

I also met basket maker Jennifer Bowen who turns out to be a filmmaker as well. I gather the filmmaking was put on hold while her children were young (she's married to filmmaker and musician Dennis Allen), but she seems to be putting a project together for the near future. I'll be very interested to find out what that project will be.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Think Like a Poet

This is an excerpt from a something I wrote a while back:

As poet Gwendolyn MacEwen writes:
Poetry has got nothing to do with poetry.
Poetry is how the air goes green before thunder,
is the sound you make when you come, and
why you live and how you bleed, and
The sound you make or you don't make when you die.
(From "You Can Study It If You Want", Afterworlds)

So this exposition has nothing to do with the study of poetry, nor is it a how-to-write-poetry manual. It is about knowing (in a deep down remembering way) that words speak images and images speak words... it's about casting aside controlled, censored, logical thought and looking at the world in an unexpected way. Askew. It is about what is out there in the large dark and the long light. Breathing.

So how do you unleash your poet's heart?

For my answer to this question, read: Think Like a Poet

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Film Screenings

Coda in G Minor

July 22, 2009
CSIF presents ImagineNATIVE
The Plaza Theatre
1133 Kensington Rd. NW
7:00 p.m.
Calgary, AB

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