Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Strawberry Tomato Escape

I've recently played three new escape games that I discovered over at I am Bored.com: Strawberry Tomato Escape, Escape the Bathroom and Escape the Phone Booth. I found Escape the Phone Booth to be a little too easy, I liked Escape the Bathroom but I did not enjoy Strawberry Tomato Escape... so let's start with that one.

The Strawberry Tomato Escape game is not logical (and it takes a heck of a long time to load). To solve it requires a lot of trial and error, pixel hunting and illogical leaps... or a walkthrough. I will try to give some hints here, but no one will think any less of you if you opt for the walkthrough on this one. Here are some hints that sometimes border on walkthrough, but I'm not quite sure how else to help out with the trickier bits:

1. To combine or examine objects, double click on them in your inventory and they will come up in the main screen and you can work with them there.

2. There are five pictures with a shape and a number each. You will use these twice (the numbers will change between uses). To determine the order in which to enter them, you need to find some sunglasses and some surface to look at with those sunglasses. Once you've unlocked it, you will need to slide something out of the way to access what you need next.


3. You will need to find an outlet, an outlet adaptor and a fan. The outlet adapter needs to be reoriented to fit the outlet.

4. To get the stick in the mouse hole behind the vase, some extra clicking might be in order. This wooden stick can help open doors (sometimes much clicking is in order for that, too), fetching hard to reach objects, as well as doing other stuff (that reminded me of Raiders of the Lost Ark).

5. When you find a switch that you need to hold both sides at once... don't worry, you'll get something to help you with that later.

6. You'll need to find two letters that act as coordinates on a blueprint. These letters will be revealed when you combine a series of actions that result in certain objects being placed in certain places. One of the objects will give you a false letter in one of its locations, so you need to figure out where else it might go. (But when it's at the location where it gives a false letter, check out what it's pointing at.)

7. You will need to find three stones. The first one is pretty simple. The second one requires some pixel hunting in another room. The third one will be revealed when you use the numbers and symbols for the second time.

8. There are some areas of floor that you can zoom in on or chairs that you can move. There are reasons for these. After you've been in the other room, check those spots again to see if anything has changed. Combining this change with a couple of objects will lead you to be able to see into the fireplace. But collect the objects again after you've used them in this way.

9. There is another spot on the floor that you can access after you've used the numbers and symbols the first time. You will need what you find there to complete the second round of numbers and symbols.

10. Now you should have everything you need to activate the little "grow" scenario in the other room. Look in, step back, look in again. There are several stages that it needs to go through. At one stage, you'll end up with a branch. Is it kind of sticky? Maybe that could attract something if you rub in on something near an open window. You'll need to wander around a bit to give that something time to arrive.

11. Remember that switch that required you to hold both sides at once? Maybe your newfound item will help with that. But what did it open?

12. Now just kick back, check out the view, with the fan blowing on your face as you eat your gooseberry jelly. Your "grow" scenario needs this time to reach another level. Now go check how it's growing. And once again, step back a couple of times and then look in again. And now you've got everything you need.

And if you're curious, here are the Inventory Items:

Gooseberry jelly
Electric fan
Model house
Wooden stick
Outlet adapter
Boabab tree
Black stone
Grey stone
Red stone
Stag beetle

Check back for comments on the other two games in the next couple of days.

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Monday, October 8, 2007

Grow Island

If you like the "Grow" style of games, then here's a new one for you: Grow Island. If you're not sure what a grow game is, it's simply a game where you select items in a particular order and watch how things grow. There is one correct order that will complete all of the levels of the game. In this particular version, there are a total of eight items to select, each representing a type of job or branch of knowledge:

Battery (Electrical Engineering)
Computer Chip (Computer Science)
Pick Axe (Civil Engineering)
Beaker (Applied Chemistry)
Steering Wheel (Aeronautics, Marine and Automotive Engineering)
Logs (Architecture)
Smokestack (Environmental Engineering)
Brass Bolt (Mechanical Engineering)

I didn't manage to get this one completely on my own. I got expert levels in all of the categories except Civil Engineering. There was only one difference between my order and the successful order, but with the successful order came the appearance of a picnic table in time for the little guy to do one further task with the pick axe. There are walkthroughs available for this grow game, but I've included some hints below in case you are having problems but don't want the solution handed to you.


Levels required for each item:

1. place battery,
2. grow larger and replicate,
3. turn into electrical tower;

Computer chip:
1. place computer,
2. increase to three servers;

Pick axe:
1. create road,
2. stream,
3. stairs,
4. bridge;

1. place beaker,
2. mix three ingredients to make rainbow liquid and fill reactor;

Steering wheel:
1. place steering wheel,
2. car,
3. boat (fetches yellow potion),
4. rocket (fetches blue potion);

1. place logs,
2. build house and woman appears,
3. man falls in love with woman and house grows,
4. house grows more,
5. house grows even more;

1. place incinerator,
2. burn garbage;

Brass bolt:
1. place bolt,
2. bolt grows,
3. bolt becomes road paver,
4. paver becomes machine to make harbour,
5. machine changes to be able to tunnel through the hill,
6. machine becomes flying craft that lays track through the tunnel for a train (fetches red potion),
7. flying craft morphs into reactor.

There is also an alternate ending that you should definitely check out. You can find the sequence for it in comment 7 of this Grow Island post. And there's a walkthrough for the proper ending of this game in comment 1 of that same post.

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Thursday, August 9, 2007

Miss Management

I've discovered that time management games aren't just restricted to restaurant type games. So allow me to highly recommend Miss Management. You can get the free trial download from Gamelab, Big Fish Games, Yahoo Games, iWin and Fenomen Games but this one is definitely worth purchasing.

I played all the way through the first time, not worrying about completing the tasks in the assigned number of days. Then I went back to achieve the extra stars. I didn't have any difficulty until Episode 15. Sometimes if I could just know what tasks were going to be unlocked or just plan my first day, that would be enough. Although, in general it's a good rule of thumb to try to plan to accomplish all of the required tasks in the first 1/2 or 2/3 of the time allowed.

I've listed the number of days that you have to complete each episode to get all the stars and I've included some information and hints to help you if you get stuck on some of the episodes that I found challenging at times. If anyone wants hints on another episode or more hints on a listed episode, just leave a comment.

Season 1
Episode 1 (2 days): Tutorial (You can't skip the dialogue for this level otherwise you won't be able to access more than one star. You can skip the dialogue for all the other levels, but I would recommend watching the scenes the first time you play because it does help remember the quirks about each personality.)


Episode 2 (2 days)
Episode 3 (2 days)
Episode 4 (2 days)
Episode 5 (2 days)
Episode 6 (3 days)

Season 2
Episode 7 (4 days)
Episode 8 (4 days)
Episode 9 (4 days)
Episode 10 (4 days)
Episode 11 (5 days)
Episode 12 (5 days)

Season 3
Episode 13 (5 days)
Episode 14 (5 days)

Episode 15 (4 days)
* Finishing Pearl & Winston doing no tasks unlocks Winston's arcade
* Finishing Luke & Ashley doing no tasks unlocks Luke's bathroom visits
* Finishing Pearl's smoking unlocks Pearl talking to Ashley at the w/c

Day 1
* Luke & Ashley do no tasks
* Start Duncan at the arcade
* Start Ashley's bathroom visits

Day 2
* Pearl & Winston do no tasks
* Finish Duncan at the arcade
* Start Luke's bathroom visits (unlocked by Luke & Ashley doing no tasks)

Episode 16 (4 days)

Episode 17 (4 days)
* No one stressing out unlocks Pearl talking to Denise at water cooler
* Finishing Ashley's 10 tasks unlocks Duncan's 20 tasks

Day 1
* No one stress out
* Start & Finish Mahavir talking to Ashley

Day 2
* Start & Finish Ashley's 10 tasks (upgrade her skills with manuals)

Episode 18 (4 days):
* No one stressing out unlocks Luke listening to the radio
* Finishing Pearl's smoking unlocks Ashley's tasks
* Finishing Mahavir's nap unlocks Ashley complaining to Pearl
* Finishing Pearl's tasks unlocks Luke's tasks

Day 1
* No one stress out
* Mahavir's nap
* Start Pearl's tasks (as many as possible using coffee & diet soda)

Day 2
* Finish Pearl's tasks (manuals to upgrade Luke while she's finishing)
* Start Luke's tasks (unlocked by finishing Pearl's tasks)
* Start & Finish Luke playing the radio
* Start Pearl's smoking

Day 3
* Finish Pearl's smoking
* Start Ashley's tasks (unlocked by finishing Pearl's smoking)
* Start Ashley complaining to Pearl
* (stock up on manuals and coffee to upgrade Ashley when Day 4 starts)

Season 4

Episode 19 (4 days):
* Finishing Luke's tea unlocks Pearl's smoking
* Finishing Luke's manuals unlocks Luke's bathroom visits
* Finishing Ashley's manuals unlocks Ashley's bathroom visits
* Finish Nadine talking to Pearl at w/c unlocks Winston's arcade & his manuals

Episode 20 (4 days):
* Finishing Mahavir's tasks unlocks Mahavir's nap
* Finishing Ashley's tasks unlocks Ashley's bathroom visits
* Finishing Luke's tasks unlocks Ashley talking to Nadine at w/c
* Finishing Nadine's air conditioning unlocks Nadine's smoking

Note: it may be tempting to upgrade each person's skills with manuals for this cross-training episode, but in my experience that seems to limit the number of tasks you get for the area that's been upgraded. Your time and money is better spent on donut bribes to keep everyone calm.

Day 1
* Start Luke's tasks
* Start Ashley's tasks
* Start Nadine's air conditioning (turn off if Luke or Ashley working)

Day 2
* Continue Luke's tasks
* Continue Ashley's tasks
* Continue Nadine's a/c
* Start & Finish Mahavir's tasks

Day 3
* Finish Luke's tasks
* Finish Ashley's tasks
* Start & Finish Mahavir's nap
* Finish Nadine's air conditioning
* Start Ashley's bathroom visits (unlocked by finishing Ashley's tasks)
* Start Nadine's smoking (unlocked by finishing Nadine's a/c)

Episode 21 (4 days):
* No snacks or drinks for one day unlocks Mahavir's tasks
* Finishing Luke's tasks unlocks Nadine's smoking
* Finishing Mahavir talking to Nadine at w/c unlocks Ashley's tasks
* Finishing Luke's infusion at w/c unlocks Pearl's smoking

Day 1
* No snacks or drinks (unlocks Mahavir's tasks)
* Start Luke's tasks (upgrade tech skills with manual? try to do half)
* Start Mahavir talking to Nadine at water cooler

Day 2
* Finish Luke's tasks (unlocks Nadine's smoking)
* Finish flirting (unlocks Ashley's tasks)
* Start Mahavir's tasks
* Start Nadine's smoking

Day 3
* Start & Finish Luke's infusion (unlocks Pearl's smoking)
* Finish Mahavir's tasks (buy all 4 manuals, coffee & diet soda)
* Finish Nadine's smoking
* Start Pearl's smoking

Day 4
* Start & Finish Ashley's tasks
* Finish Pearl's smoking

Episode 22 (4 days):
* Finishing Pearl talking to Luke at w/c unlocks Luke's bathroom visits
* Finishing Luke's tasks unlocks both Ashley's bathroom visits and Nadine wanting Luke to stress out and leave
* Finishing Luke at water cooler unlocks Nadine's air conditioning
* Finishing Luke's treats unlocks Mahavir's nap

Episode 23 (5 days):
* No food or drink unlocks Winston's arcade play
* No arcade or naps unlocks Ashley talking to Nadine at water cooler
* Finishing Winston's tasks unlocks Ashely talking to Pearl at w/c
* Mahavir's naps unlocks Mahavir's treats

Day 1
* Ashley talking to Denise at water cooler
* No food or drink
* No arcade or naps

Episode 24 (5 days):
* No stress for a day unlocks Nadine's air conditioning
* Finishing Pearl's tasks unlocks Nadine's smoking
* Finishing Mahavir's nap unlocks both Ashley's tasks and Winston's tasks
* Finishing Pearl's smoking unlocks Winston's arcade play

Day 1
* No stress
* Start Pearl's tasks (buy writing manual)
* Start Mahavir's napping

Season 5

Level 25 (4 days):
* Brooke doing more work than anyone else for the day unlocks Brooke's 30 tasks
* Winston doing all tech work for one day unlocks Winston wanting a/c & music
* Finishing Winston's arcade play unlocks Mahavir talking to Ashley at w/c
* Finishing Denise talking to Nadine at w/c unlocks Brooke's cardio

Day 1
* Brooke does more work than anyone else (but no tech, use choco-coffee & diet soda whenever she works)
* Winston does all the tech work
* Start Nadine at water cooler
* Start Winston at arcade

Episode 26 (5 days):
* Finishing Brooke's tasks unlocks Mahavir's nap
* Finishing Denise talking to Winston at w/c unlocks Nadine doing all financial and writing tasks for one day
* Finishing Mahavir talking to Brooke at w/c unlocks Mahavir's writing tasks
* Finishing Brooke's cardio unlocks Winston's arcade

Day 1
* Start Mahavir talking to Brooke at water cooler
* Start Brooke 40 tasks (using coffee for Brooke & diet pop for Denise)
* Start Denise talking to Winston at water cooler
* Start Brooke's cardio

Day 2
* continue

Day 3
* continue

Day 4
* finish Mahavir's writing tasks

Day 5
* Nadine does all writing & financial tasks on day 5

Episode 27 (6 days):
* Finishing Brooke's cardio unlocks Mahavir's nap (must be completed in single day)
* Finishing Ashley talking to Denise at w/c unlocks Winston wanting a/c & music (nobody can stress out… keep lots of cinnamon buns on hand!)
* Finishing Ashley talking to Nadine at w/c unlocks Ashley talking to Winston at w/c
* Finishing Nadine on the treadmill unlocks Ashley talking to Mahavir at w/c

Day 1
* Start Ashley talking to Nadine at water cooler
* Start Brooke's cardio
* Start Ashley talking to Denise at water cooler

Day 2
* Finish Ashley talking to Nadine (unlocks Ashley talking to Winston)

Day 3
* Finish Brooke's cardio (unlocks Mahavir's nap)
* Finish Ashley talking to Denise (unlocks Winston a/c & music)
* Start Nadine on the treadmill

Day 4
* Start & Finish Mahavir's nap

Day 5
* Start & Finish Winston's a/c & music (nobody stress out!)

Day 6
* Finish Ashley talking to everybody

Episode 28 (6 days):
* Brooke doing all the work one day unlocks Brooke's 50 tasks
* Winston doing all the tech tasks one day unlocks Nadine's 40 tasks
* Nadine doing all the financial tasks one day unlocks Brooke's cardio
* Finishing Mahavir talking to Denise at water cooler unlocks Mahavir's nap

Day 1
* Start & Finish Mahavir talking to Denise at water cooler (put Brooke on the treadmill when you're talking to him)
* Start & Finish Brooke doing all the work (use choco-cafficino and diet soda as needed, don't worry about who stresses out… just let them)

Day 2
* Start & Finish Winston doing all the tech tasks today (use treats as needed so nobody stresses out)
* Start Brooke's 50 tasks (leave Nadine by the water cooler so she doesn't stress out)

Day 3
* Start & Finish Nadine doing all the financial tasks today, included in Nadine's 40 tasks unlocked by Winston (use treats as needed so nobody stresses out)
* Continue Brooke's 50 tasks
* All required goals should be finished by the end of the day

Day 4
* Continue

Day 5
* Continue

Day 6
* Start & Finish Mahavir's nap (doesn't matter who stresses out)
* Finish Brooke's cardio

Episode 29 (6 days):
* Finishing Timothy's radio playing unlocks Nadine's a/c
* Finishing Brooke's cardio unlocks Winston's arcade
* Finishing Timothy's art tasks unlocks Timothy talking to Winston at w/c
* Finishing Nadine talking to Denise at w/c unlocks Brooke's 40 tasks

Day 1
* Earn enough to buy art books & coffee for Timothy ($22)
* Start & Finish Timothy's radio (don't worry if Nadine stresses out)
* Start Brooke's cardio

Day 2
* Continue

Day 3
* Start & Finish Timothy talking to Winston at water cooler (unlocked by Timothy's art tasks)
* Start & Finish Nadine's air conditioning

Day 4
* Start Nadine talking to Denise at water cooler

Day 5
* Start Brooke's 40 tasks (unlocked by Nadine finishing talking to Denise)

Episode 30 (8 days):
* Finishing Brooke's yoga on couch unlocks Nadine talking to Brooke at water cooler
* Finishing Winston talking to Denise at w/c unlocks Brooke standing alone at w/c
* Finishing Brooke's fast unlocks Mahavir's nap
* Finishing Winston finishing a/c & music without stress unlocks Winston's arcade

Day 1
* Start & Finish Brooke's fast (have Brooke do nothing, everyone else does nothing but work)

Day 2
* Start & Finish Winston's air conditioning & music with no one stressing (lots of cinnabuns at other treats)

Day 3
* Start & Finish Mahavir's nap (don't worry about Nadine stressing out)

Day 4
* Start Brooke's yoga on couch
* Start Winston talking to Denise at water cooler
(How I did this one: Brooke on couch while Denise talking with Winston at water cooler. Wait until Nadine is getting ready to blow then send everyone back to their desk while you go to the store and stock up on caffeine and treats then do a sprint to get tasks finished, then Brooke back to couch and Winston & Denise back to w/c. Having said that, if you'd rather let either Nadine or Mahavir stress out and leave, that won't stop you from completing the goals.)

Day 5
* Continue

Day 6
* Continue

Day 7
* Start Brooke standing alone at water cooler (unlocked by Winston talking to Denise)
* Alternate with Nadine talking to Brooke at water cooler
* Start & Finish Winston's arcade marathon (unlocked by Winston's a/c & music)

Day 8
* Finish Brooke standing alone at water cooler
* Finish Nadine talking to Brooke at water cooler

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Monday, July 2, 2007

Mystery of Time and Space (MOTAS)

Originally posted 7.05.2005 on Limes with Orange.

Here's a fun online adventure game for you: The Mystery Of Time And Space (M.O.T.A.S.)

If you liked the Crimson Room, you'll like this game even more!


1. The security panel on Level 5 can be decoded through trial and error, but if you want a shortcut go here;

2. Level 7 is a little tedious because you have to go back and forth so much. A couple of hints... Take note of the colour chart on the wall; you'll need it soon. And to write a letter after you've found paper and pen, return to the room with the letter from the security guy so that you can trace his handwriting;

3. On Level 8, the clock weights are to be used in a room that is hidden at the start of the level;


4. When using the computer on Level 9, after you've entered the first command you'll be shown a couple of different pictures and 4 or 5 letters total (this may change from game to game). Make a word out of the letters you saw and enter it to open up the next door;

5. I hated the green wall on level 12. If you want to take the easy way out, go here for step-by-step instructions. And if you reach the last door but don't have the key, go back to the room where you found the hidden numbers on the wall and check the overhead light (that's not the door key, but it will help you get the door key);

6. On level 13, read the plaques at the bottom of the paintings for a clue to the colour machine on the main floor (the colours change direction from game to game, so take note of what they are for your game). And when you program that machine, make sure it's rectangular before you pull the handle.

There's a whole forum at Nordinho.net devoted to walkthroughs and hints for all the various levels of M.O.T.A.S.

And there are no shortage of walkthroughs on the internet:

Text Walkthrough, 1-12
Walkthrough with Pictures, 1-12
Another Walkthrough with Pictures, 1-12
Text Walkthrough 1-19
Another Text Walkthrough, 1-19.

For a preview of Level 14, go here (the password is "taters").

Addendum: Levels 14-19 are now online. I haven't had a chance to play them yet, but there are hints and walkthroughs over at Nordino.net.

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Saturday, June 23, 2007

Submachine Games

I just discovered Submachine over at eBaum's World. It's a fun and simple point and click game. A little internet search showed me that there's an extended version over at FreeGamePlayer (you'll just need to sit through a little ad while it loads). And that ArcadeTown has the game plus sequels: Submachine 2, Submachine 3, Submachine 4 and Submachine Zero. These versions are also downloadable.

I haven't played the sequels yet, but the first one was fun and fairly intuitive. If you want hints, just leave me a comment. But I think you should be able to figure this one out on your own.

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Thursday, May 31, 2007


I don't know how I've managed to miss this game for all these years, but it's quite fun. Snowcraft is just a bunch of kids having a snowball fight, but the sound effects in particular are enormously entertaining. And the game itself, though simple, is rather addictive.

To play, just click on one your of your kids and hold the mouse down while you position him, then let go and he'll throw a snowball. If you don't hold the mouse button down long enough, your snowball won't go very far. But it's not hard to get the hang of that part. What gets hard is when you become outnumbered, one or two extras are manageable... but I haven't managed to get much further than that yet.

Have fun!

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Saturday, May 26, 2007

A Sampling of Simple Games

A few simple, soothing games for your enjoyment:

Crazy Ladybugs
Grid Lock

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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Hoshi Saga

I found another simple little game called Hoshi Saga. The goal is to discover the star hidden in each of the 36 levels. It's more soothing than exciting, but still kind of addictive.

I had a little trouble on level 11, not that it was tricky to figure out, but apparently my hand-eye coordination leaves something to be desired and my nudging was a little overly enthusiastic. The other ones that had me scratching my head a bit were 31 (again not hard, just tedious and no actual clicking involved which is what stumped me briefly) and 33 (I think my "slicing" was mostly too slow or in the wrong place). But all in all, a fun game that you can definitely figure out on your own with a little logic, a little patience and a little outside-the-box thinking (and a smidge of some super quick typing).

Or, if patience isn't your thing, there are hints available on Nordinho.net. And if you want a complete walkthrough, head over to Jayisgames.com. Have fun!

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Les Aventures d'Oriel

Originally posted 7.30.2005 on Limes with Orange.

I've had lots of people looking for a walkthrough for Les Adventures d'Oriel, so here are my tips: part walkthrough, part detailed hints. If you want to figure it out on your own (which is definitely doable), I would advise against reading the following because it contains major spoilers. (If you're one of the many people stuck on the 4th level: 2408, it's probably a question of timing not that you don't know what you're supposed to do. I'm trying to figure out a consistent technique for getting the right timing there... if and when I do, I'll post it.)

Level 1, Before the Colonisation:

1. Past the bear, who needs to be distracted with something so that the bear doesn't eat Oriel. Is there something else he might want to eat instead?
2. Across the river, but there's no bridge there. Is there anything long enough to be a bridge? And how could you chop it down?
3. Up the hill, but that raincloud looks menacing. I wonder how you could stop that raindancer from summoning the rain? Is there anything that you could cover him up with?
4. From hilltop to hilltop, but again there's no bridge. Any chance that he could walk across something as insubstantial as a cloud of smoke?
5. To the island hilltop, but Oriel gets scared by the chief. Maybe the chief could be scared away by something stinky...
6. But that stinky something will also scare Oriel, so find something to cover him up with so that Oriel doesn't even see him.
7. Down to the dock, but he'll walk right off it into the water if there's no vessel waiting for him.


Level 2, The Fondation:

1. Oriel will be arriving by ship, but there's a whale and an iceberg in the way. How could you get rid of them?
2. Off the boat: It's always a good idea to moor the boat and unload its boxes before you disembark.
3. Around the town square: When the priest rings the churchbell, snow falls off the roof. Make sure it doesn't fall on top of Oriel.
4. Oriel gets startled by the giggling girls if they're still outside. Try to find someone to call them into their house.
5. Oriel can also be startled by the obnoxious guy selling ham, so maybe it's time to close up shop.
6. Up to the rooftops, but they look kinda slippery. A ladder might come in handy.
7. Off the rooftops to the top of the cliff, but no bridge in sight. But is there something that could work as a bridge?

Level 3, 1908:

1. Along the rooftop, past the obnoxious birds. I hear that birds are sometimes distracted by the smell of baking pie. Anybody in any of the apartments that could help you out?
2. Off the rooftop onto the wall, but how to prevent him from falling? There's an awning/umbrella that might be helpful somehow.
3. From the wall to the street, but the turret (that leads to a staircase, I guess) is too low. I wonder if you can adjust the height?
4. Past the newsboy, who is bound to startle the oh-so-easily startled Oriel. Unless you click on him making him get all itchy, stop shouting and drop his paper. Hey, I wonder if anyone might be interested in reading that paper?
5. Past the door: Make sure it doesn't open at the wrong time. Maybe you can block it somehow.
6. Past the strongman, who could also startle Oriel unless he's otherwise occupied.
7. Past the dog, another potential source of startlement... unless you can find him a bone...

Level 4, 2408:

1. Past the bus stop, so get rid of all the people waiting there... maybe by giving them what they're waiting for.
2. Past the crazy electric dome, which needs to be disabled. I wonder if there's any way to short circuit it? What shorts out electrical stuff?
3. Over the pointy roof (which apparently can generate a psychedelic force field bridge... temporarily).
4. Up to the next level... this part's very tricky since timing is crucial. Once Oriel gets to the yellow tree, mouseover it to bounce him up to the next level.
5. Up another level: a crane might come in handy right about now.
6. Go for a ride: but if you're gonna fly a spaceship, you better make sure it's all charged up.
7. Watch out for vacuums that could suck you up. Maybe you can plug the opening with something.

If you're looking for similar games, check out my post about point-and-click games.

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Sunday, May 13, 2007

Introduction to My Inner Game Geek

I've decided to create this new blog in order to separate my game posts from my personal blog. I've realized that most gamers aren't so much interested in the rest of my blog and most of my regular readers just skip the game posts anyway.

So for my inaugural post allow me to suggest checking out I am Bored.com for an assortment of online games. My current addiction is Milpa. Don't ask me why, as it's a very simple point and click game where you rotate to get the same crops in a row. But I find it strangely relaxing. (My current high score is 14,160 in Year 12. I can't quite fathom how people manage scores like 40,000... am I missing something?)

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