Sunday, February 3, 2008

Hide and Seek

I've been trying out a few Hidden Object games recently: Dream Day First Home; Polly Pride Pet Detective; Blood Ties; and Go Go Gourmet.

To start with, Go Go Gourmet is a combination of a Time Management restaurant game and a Hidden Object game. I managed to find sufficient versions of the demo so that I could play it all the way through without buying it, but I had no desire to play it again so I don't think it's worth a $19.99 purchase (I'd pay $9.99 tops).

Blood Ties looked really cool but I found it so boring that I didn't even bother finishing the demo. Maybe it would be more interesting if I was a fan of the TV show, but I doubt it. There doesn't seem to be anything about it that separates it from the slew of Hidden Object games that are out there at the moment.

Polly Pride Pet Detective is one that I am actually considering buying. It has an interesting storyline, some clever twists on the Hidden Object part of the game and some additional mini-games that made it quite fun for me.

Dream Day First Home is another Hidden Object game that I definitely recommend.

Part of the reason is that First Home has another story concept that interests me: home decoration. But I say story concept rather than storyline because it's not nearly as involved a narrative as Polly Pride. But it has even more mini-games, also has twists on the hidden object part, plus has some choose-your-own-story elements and if that's not enough there's even a second house to work on once you've finished the first. So worth a purchase, in my opinion. (Although not necessary to purchase since it is available as a torrent if you search for it.) I haven't tried the two previous Dream Day games since their story concepts (wedding and honeymoon) don't interest me as much.

While I'm talking about Hidden Object games, older ones that I've enjoyed include Mystery Case Files: Prime Suspects, Mystery Case Files: Ravenhearst and Hidden Expedition: Titanic. But this type of game can get old pretty fast so, in my opinion, newer games need to have more bells and whistles to be worth buying.

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