Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Phantom Mansion: The Red Chamber

For anyone who is familiar with Chip's Challenge, this new game called The Phantom Mansion will feel somewhat familiar. It's a walk around adventure game where you have to solve puzzles by pushing around boxes and avoiding monsters while collecting keys and other objects. There are plenty of levels, which is kind of a nice change from those games that seem to be over just as you're getting into them.

I found most of the levels fairly straightforward, although I did need to reload some of them for a few attempts. But the last level was a bit of a bugger. If you try to solve the problem of the switches for the gates in the wrong way, it will look like the level is glitching... you'll be able to walk through the gates but not push a box through them. But it's not a glitch, it's just a way to make sure that you don't take any shortcuts here. You need to find the correct way to solve this level. And you don't have enough boxes to put two of them on the switches for each gate, but the zombie will push it off if you only use one box. At first I thought I would try to trap the zombie in between the wall and one of the switches but I think that approach is impossible (though I would be very curious to hear from anyone who actually managed to solve it that way). So here's the trick: you need to race that zombie. Use two boxes on the far switch and just one box on the near one and then make sure you get what you need before that zombie comes back and pushes the box off that switch again.

If anyone needs any help with any other levels, feel free to post a comment and I'll post a hint in reply.

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