Family Ivy Research
Professional Genealogical Research Services

Offering a comprehensive range of Genealogical Research Services,
but specializing in Métis Genealogy.


Preliminary Evaluation:

I will be happy to perform a free preliminary evaluation so that I can advise you of the possibility of finding your intended information and the suitability of Family Ivy Research in doing so. 

Research Plan Consultation:

What I require from you:

a concise outline of the genealogical problem;
any specifics known on the individuals involved (date, locations, relationships, etc.);
details of all previously searched sources (if any), whether ending with positive or negative results.

What I will do then:

analyse the information you provide;
work with you to establish your research goals;
perform an initial search to determine the availability of records (for Métis genealogy, this includes a visit to the Glenbow Museum);
develop a research plan.

Fee: $50.00 (Cdn.)

After you receive the research plan, you can either pursue the plan advice yourself or contract me to pursue any part(s) of the plan that you like. If you choose to hire me to continue with the research plan, a contract will be sent to you and a retainer will be required. Rates are based on an hourly rate of $30/hour plus expenses*.

What you will receive: a research report which lists the records and sources which were searched, Family Group Charts for each family, as well as a single Ancestor or Descendancy Chart for the key individual the search is based upon. For an additional charge, you can also receive a computer Gedcom file and Tri-Colour 3 Generation charts (see sample chart).

* Additional expenses include: cost of copies of records, certificates, and other documents; fees paid to other researchers to search records in distant cities; admission fees paid to courthouses, repositories, and other record facilities; administrative costs for items such as postage, supplies, telephone/fax, etc.

Contact Information:

Cara Mumford

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