For term papers, research papers, essays, reports, book reports and reviews, special projects, theses, and dissertations on all subjects and topics, from the humanities to the sciences. Essay tutoring also available.

Research Service

Are you swamped by your course load and don't have time to research your essay? Are you overwhelmed by your assignment and don't even know where to start looking for information? WeiRDgrrl can help you find what you need to know, quickly and inexpensively. By using WeiRDgrrl's Essay Research Service, you will:

  • Save time on searches by using a skilled and experienced information researcher; 
  • Have access to expertise in identifying more credible sources of information;
  • Have access to an information researcher who can ‘think outside the box’ and identify unusual information sources;
  • Be presented with pertinent information (relevant information that is distilled from the irrelevant), and that is delivered in an easily digestible form.
If you need help organizing that information into an essay, ask about WeiRDgrrl's Essay Tutoring Service.

Editing Service

Don't lose credibility by handing in essays with spelling and grammatical errors. Don't lose marks by submitting papers that are verbose, redundant, or lack consistency. 

WeiRDgrrl can edit your assignments for spelling, grammatical, and other mistakes, as well as assisting with referencing (ensuring that the referencing in your assignment is in accordance with your school or department's requirements). Editing does not include adding content to your assignment; nor will the content be substantially rewritten so as to modify the essential components of your paper. However, WeiRDgrrl will ensure that your paper is polished, in correct English, has a logical flow of arguments, is internally consistent, and is formatted in accordance with the requirements of your school or department.

If you need more assistance with your essay than basic editing, please ask about WeiRDgrrl's Essay Tutoring Service.

Turn-around Time

You must give a minimum of one week's notice for the completion of any assignment. 


Partial payment must be made before WeiRDgrrl will begin work on your paper. At this time, cash or cheque are the only forms of payment accepted.

The rate for editing ranges from $3.00 - $5.00 per page, depending on whether you require basic proofreading or more substantial editing. The bibliography page is free of charge.

The cost of research will vary depending on the length of your paper and the availabity (or relative obscurity) of sources relating to your topic. We can discuss your research requirements during the initial consultation.


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