Monday, September 10, 2007

Hero Screenplay: The First Draft

Well, I got my screenplay handed in on time for my screenwriting workshop. I don't consider it a full first draft, since about 1/3 of the scenes were simply described and not written. So let's call it a 2/3 draft (or maybe a 3/4 draft since I did at least have the remaining 1/3 of scenes present).

I've been living with the characters all summer and listening to the soundtrack that I made for my film (yep, I think of a song for each sequence and then put together a mixed CD that I listen to constantly even when I'm not writing), but I only had it about 1/3 finished by the middle of August. And I knew I was going to my cousin's wedding in Victoria for Labour Day weekend. And I knew the screenplay was due on September 7. So I managed to get 60 pages (out of a goal of 90) written before I went away for that weekend. Then I got a few people who were willing to read the script over the weekend to provide me with feedback for that last week-long writing push to get it finished. Unfortunately, I didn't make it to 90 (barely scraped in at 75 pages) but the feedback that I did get was quite helpful, even if it did mean that I needed to take some time out of writing to re-think a few things. So even though it didn't go the way I'd planned (as if things ever do), I'm pleased with the result.

When I find the time, I'll talk a bit more about my own particular process and some of the challenges that I had while writing along with some of the pleasant surprises.

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